Loose Women Placement

Just on my way home after a long day! Today I have done a number of tasks including watching This morning in the studio so I could see what went on during breaks and how the studio worked! Had the pleasure of meeting Dominic Cooper and Gino today as well as Holly and Phillip! I then went to the office and looked through news papers and magazines for possible items on the show. After I was taken to the editing rooms to watch and help them chop everything up and put it back together with fancy effects! I stayed there for several hours and loved it! A number of the runners have told me to talk to the fashion department and sound for more internships so good first day I would say! Thank you for all of your support. 

So my last day has been pretty cool! Another viewing in the gallery this morning which was followed by photos with Katie price! I then did to running and helped get some cameras and so on. This afternoon it was one of the producers baby shower so we all ate lots and it also gave me an opportunity to talk to more people! Exciting news I have been asked to come back as their fashion intern which is so brilliant I'm really looking forward to it! 

Celebrity Big Brother Placement

Just thought I would keep you up to date with how the work experience is going.

Yesterday I was with the Reality team shadowing the runners making drinks etc.. and just learning and watching how t all works.

Today was even better, I was with the Task team so was helping with the making of the props for the tasks and helping by hoovering the floor in the “Diary” room!!!

So weird being able to look into the house from the windows, like being at the zoo!!  Back home now after such a good week!

Worked with all the different departments around the Big Brother studio.

Yesterday I was on the live show and the people there seemed to like me and they have offered for me to come and work for them as a ‘Live Day Runner’ so I am going back next Tuesday and Friday doing paid work!!

Also made sure I spoke to people in the Bit On The Side area who said they have jobs coming up with Children In Need that they will need runners for!

Rylan is my new mate!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, its really helped me and hopefully got my foot in the door for the future and a career in the industry!

Thanks very much.

Thanks gain for this opportunity!

Work Experience Placement - The X Factor


3 days to go! 

Test run day - Arriving on time on Monday was important, so I took it upon myself to go to the Fremantel building to see how long it would take and where it was. Not only did I make it there in one piece, I said a quick hello to the receptionist. They begun chatting to me about where I came from and I asked them some questions and then they said, “See you on Monday!” 

This is really happening! It's becoming too real!


Today is the day! 

I was greeted with love from the team, all of them were so lovely which made me feel like part of the team. Doing the office work of a production runner wasn’t what I expected but it was thoroughly entertaining. 


The office and the building interior set up was amazing. I never knew how many people were behind each ITV show. The building was full of many inspiring, cheerful and caring workers and I tried talking to as many people as possible (even in the lifts). Being a production runner for this placement has made me more determined to get into this industry.

03.08.16 - 04.08.16

Being in the office throughout my work experience was great, as I got to know the other runners very well. Finding out that one of them went to the same university that I will be going to (hopefully) and studying the same course as me made me think that getting a job like this in the future is possible! 


The last day! It was really sad to leave because I was having a great time. The team hired me a private chauffeur Mercedes to Stratford station. I am so grateful that they arranged this for me. So thank you! When I said my goodbyes they said I could return anytime so I may drop them an email next week! So I may be able to do more work experience at the live shows! 

By participating in this work experience I have started to build connections already! Ihave gathered email addresses and I have added the runners on Facebook to keep up with all the goings on to stay in contact. 

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jim, the Tuskar Trust and the whole of The X Factor team.

North One Television Placement

Monday 15th August

Today I met Nick Barrett today, a member of the team at 3-7 Ray Street, where I would be situated for my work placement. It has been an interesting journey into Farringdon, as I’ve never actually caught a train to Londonbefore, but I made it on time! Upon arrival I was given the low down on the company, a tour of the building and facilities, before finally being introduced to parts of the team. We’ve arranged for a week in September, and I can’t wait to start! It seems like a really great media company with so much to offer!

Monday 5th September to Wednesday 7th September

As soon as I got to the building I found out that my placement was actually in North One television, on the research and pre-production team. I was given a desk and introduced to some of the people I would be spending the week with (they seemed to change on a daily basis, with the staff often in and out on various days with different projects.) On Monday I was given my first task to do some research for an upcoming TV series proposal that would be going out to different channels. At the start of the day we had a team meeting to discuss current projects, and there seems to be so much going on, and lots of exciting new shows that I will definitely be keeping a look out for! The following two days were very much the same.

Thursday 8th September to Friday 9th September

On Thursday I dipped into another project for a totally different show, researching interesting facts for the proposal. It seems that the people that work there all work on a project at once, and sometimes take it in turns to bring it to life and give input with their ideas. Friday was quite different as I changed projects again altogether. For me this was my favourite part, as it had a lot of depth and in my eyes lots of potential to be a show that would grab the attention of a large selection of viewers. It also turned out that someone was leaving that day, so we all went out for lunch to a little Italian place in Farringdon. It was really lovely to get together and talk to the team properly outside the working environment. I heard many stories of what work everyone had picked up in the media industry, which were all very interesting to learn about. Overall my time at North One has been very useful, and I feel as though I’ve picked up some new skills. I can’t thank the team enough for welcoming me, and Jim and his team for making this possible! The experience has surely opened my eyes to the media industry and all it has to offer! In the future I feel as though I’d like to maybe give it a go with the production and filming process.

Princess Productions Placement

On Tuesday the 25th of October I arrived at Princess Productions to start an interning opportunity as provided by Tuskar Trust. I was greeted at reception with a Princess welcome pack, filled with notebooks, sweets and a ‘welcome to the team’ folder. The whole top floor of Whitelys shopping centre is dedicated to Princess tv, the layout having a modern, contemporary and highly creative feel. The reception is located just outside the live studio area and is lined by coloured lighting, themed walls, decked out with a modern kitchen and a barista coffee machine. After reading through my pack, another intern and I were escorted around the top floor and met the different teams working on Princess tv projects. It was amazing to finally see the minds behind well known tv, every team being as welcoming as the next. We reached yellow office - this is where I spend the rest of my week. The office being one of the largest working spaces in Princess, facilitating teams for Stand Up to Cancer, Sunday Brunch as well as Emma Hardy [managing director], creative resources, and Shine On. 

The Sunday Brunch team are incredible. They were quick to assign me to a computer in their desk area, all introducing themselves and their role within Sunday Brunch. Melony Smith, the executive producer of the show got me started straightaway with the researchers. I was given a copy of the latest episode to watch in order to familiarise myself with the show, how it is structured, the cooking and food items as well as seeing Tim and Simon interview their guests. After watching the show, I helped the Hassan and Megan with research on the guests for the upcoming episode. At the beginning of the week, the whole Sunday Brunch team have a meeting in order to discuss the celebrity guests, cooking sections, food items, call outs, and possible script content. It was so impressive to see how hands on the team were in coming up with fresh ideas shaping the episode so quickly. 

As soon as we returned, I made a dent in the research work. A profile of each guest has to be made for the database and also to serve as a basis for the upcoming episode and script. The profile includes a headshot image, brief summary on age and credits, important notices from their press release and what they are promoting. The profile also includes a brief history as well as facts and trivia that could possibly make interesting tv content. For Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I wrote the profile on Ryan Tedder. 

I carried out more research work on Tuesday by finding interesting facts and information about the guests and the 2 Tone era in the 80s in order to gain some good content ideas for Suggs’ [from Madness] interview. I also had a go at helping Michael in coming up with a possible food item for future episode, I suggested Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, a raw foodist with a new book out. Unfortunately they had a raw chef on a year prior and so my idea wasn’t as original as I had thought! 

On Wednesday I met Duncan and Hawar. Duncan arranges a lot of the text for the show, as well as managing some of the licensing and legalities behind using owned video and photography for the show. He got me to write the Playlist facts. Sunday Brunch have a selection of singles that are booked through another team member called Nina. This week’s music included new singles from Michael Buble, Jerry Williams and Fickle Friends. They play the songs before and after each break, with a little trivia fact relating to the song or band each week, I was happy to have made it onto the show in this way! 

Hawar runs some of the research, social media and callouts. I helped him with these jobs by tweeting from the Sunday Brunch account about current trends in order to gain traffic on the account. I also got to help select some of the callout photos that featured on the show, the theme for the week being best and worst halloween costumes. The photos had to be selected with a funny line of content that would be read out on the show. 

On show day [the sunday] a car picked me up at 7:45am took me to the studios. When in the building, the show was being set up by the studio team and the guests were arriving. When they arrived I shadowed the researchers to brief the guests, going through some of the upcoming content and interview questions as well as verifying permission to use certain material and still images. During the show I was in the gallery cutting and editing footage from the live show that was especially funny so it could be used for social media and getting traffic from various fanbases. 

All in all, the experience of working alongside such bright and interesting creatives was the biggest blessing. I cannot thank Princess and Tuskar enough for inviting me to do this work. 

Done + Dusted

Apologies for my lack of blog submissions, I have been very busy!

After V Festival with Blink Tv, I spent 3 days with Hungry Bear productions seeing the studio side of TV. In the 3 days not only helped out with studio needs but also got to see the contestant side to things too.

After this, a contact I made at Blink Tv offered me a running job for a Stand Up to Cancer show with The Who, which was so exciting!! The day was great and there was plenty to do and help out with, as well as the show at the end of the night!

Finally, I am now in my second week of my Done + Dusted placement which has been spent partly at the office on Oxford Street and partly on site at the Jonnie Walker – Symphony In Blue production. The build up to this has been full on and it’s clear that a lot of work had gone in to the shows. Although I had an idea of what the production included, after getting the opportunity to see it all for myself through the eyes of a guest I can truthfully say it was amazing!

I now only have 2 days remaining at Done + Dusted and will be sad to leave but now have the taste for it and will be trying my best to work my way into the industry one way or another! Plus, I’ve done quite a bit of site seeing on my travels!

Week Two at NorthOne

The week started off unexpectedly entertaining. An email came in from commissioners at a few different tv stations asking for new show ideas to fill in their evening slots. It was pretty exciting and a complete learning experience to be in the meetings with the research team.

One of the researches came up with an excellent game for the group to kick-start some ideas. I got to join in and pitched an idea they liked! With the right research and format who knows what could happen!

Today I finished off some research on old British sitcoms, I honestly thought it would be very dull but I actually enjoyed watching them and realised why they were so successful.

It seems a bit on and off at the office, with work load, but when there is work to do it is always something exciting and interesting. I could honestly get used to this.

Day 2 of V, Day 1 of V Festival!

Today the artists kicked off the weekend with performances from about 12 onwards! It’s been great buggying around the site and seeing everyone doing their different jobs and seeing how the whole festival comes together! I got the chance to log some interviews and sit in on them which was so exciting to see! Tomorrow has me excited too but for now I will get back to the festival, readying myself for Justin Timberlake and will enjoy the rest of Ed Sheeran!

I don’t even know if that made sense but that’s not too much of a concern right now!

Day 5 of Week 1

I had a brilliant last day researching into a new show idea for Channel 4. I was able to help out with some ideas, including giving advice on how to target the audience of teenagers today. It’s kinda shocking to find out how little industry researchers actually know about teenagers.

I also got to watch one of the first episodes of a brand new show! It was so exciting to see a work in progress become a TV reality. I also was aloud to see some of the footage and plans for the shows never made it to commissioners. It was such a shame as there were some programmers that would have been excellent.

Time really flew by on this day! It was great to sit down at lunch with the group and get to know about their journeys to North One. I found out that all of them came from degrees that had nothing to do with film or television at all, one of the guys I worked with had done an MA in Geography.

I cant wait for the second week of my placement!