1 week down..

Day One:

Got up early in excitement arriving at the train station armed with maps and directions only to get to Highbury and Islington and walking completely the wrong way ending up at another tube station where no one knew where St Peter’s Street was! Luckily made it in the end with 10 minutes to spare but flustered and lost due to panicking that I was going to be late! Was greeted by a friendly mentor who was the temporary house runner and he gave me a tour of the production office and editing suites before giving me my assigned seat and log in/email details. Was a quiet first day at the office, doing research for Freshly Squeezed links such as ‘This Day in Music’ finding out the history of music on that particular day and watch particular videos and record timings and record each visual such as a music video which didn’t have it’s particular song playing over the top. Was easier said than done as flashed by each second but my years of watching music channels for hours hopefully paid off! Got home about half 7 and was so knackered I pretty much went straight to bed!

Day Two:

Day at the Freshly Squeezed studio in Notting Hill! Was a surreal day, setting up the cameras and making sure the two studios/sets were ready to be filmed (they are surprisingly small!). Then Trey Songz came through the door for the first interview and shook my hand, he had extremely moisturised hands! Darren Jeffries (the presenter) was missing his usual Freshly Squeezed sidekick Matt Littler but seemed to hold his own and pull off amazing interviews throughout the morning with Trey Songz, Tinchy Stryder and Delilah. I was the runner for the day and did cable bashing whilst filming which meant I had a front row seat for the interviews and Delilah’s live acoustic performance of her latest song, she was incredible and not many people get to sit in a room with about 6 other people and be performed to!! Luckily held in my excitement and was professional. The afternoon was taken up by doing the links for the Freshly Squeezed show in the other studio, all 5 shows filmed in this afternoon! Darren’s fill in presenter was Tinchy Stryder therefore got to spend the afternoon with him which was funny, he is a nice/very small guy and we talked briefly about seafood and the book ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ which weren’t the first subjects I would have thought I’d be talking about to Tinchy Stryder! Finally finished at half 6 after getting up at 6 that morning, I was exhausted! Got home about 9 and went straight to bed!