1 week down...part 2

Day Three:

I was at the studios again in the morning helping out the MTV producers with the MTV chart run down of ‘The Top 80 of the 80’s’ with Sinitta! She was sweet and surprised I didn’t even recognize quite a lot of the songs being a 90’s kid! I was tempted to ask her a few things about Simon Cowell but don’t worry, I didn’t! Funnily enough, her song ‘So Macho’ was #1 in the countdown and she did an embarrassing dance to celebrate. Made the mistake of telling the producer he looked my dad which he wasn’t very happy about! He spent half the morning making comments until I took it back! I was back at the office in the afternoon doing more research and helping anyone else out who needed assistance! They are all really lovely, and were interested to know what I wanted to do as a career and it was interesting to see how they all got into this industry and what their different job roles consisted of.

Day Four:

I was at the office for the whole day today. I had to watch every single Justin Bieber music video and then watch their interview ‘Viva Bieber’ to record the music videos used which didn’t have their original song playing over the top which was quite difficult as I’m not a fan of JB! I was asked to take the tube down to Camden to the MTV studios to deliver a few parcels and pick up a Taylor Swift tape for Remedy and for the rest of the afternoon I did little jobs for the others to help things get done on time (a very important thing in a media production company!) Was so tired by the time I got home, getting up at 6 every day has killed me! It has been a great week though, can’t wait for next week!