14th May BB Radio 2 Day

Well where do I begin?!? The 14th May was an absolutely amazing day and has definitely helped me decide which career path to follow.

Krista and I arrived at the BBC 2 Radio studio feeling slightly nervous, and sat in the reception waiting to meet Ben, the producer of the Dermot O’Leary show. Once he had introduced himself, we followed him upstairs which is where the BBC Radio 2′s recording studios are and he went through with us which programme are recorded in each studio. The Dermot O’Leary studio was like the others, split into two sections. Dermot sat in one, where the show was aired and we sat in the other with Ben, Simon the assistant producer and Phil, who controlled the sound, music and jingles etc.  We were given a running order of the show which we learnt was pretty flexible depending on what comes up during the show. It was explained to us that the planning of each week’s show was quite difficult, due to Dermot’s busy schedule, so phone calls between the producer and Dermot are normally how the show is planned! So understandably, Dermot might want to play a song he hadn’t thought of during the week.

We read through the schedule as well as an information sheet on the live band that were practicing in the other half of the studio – O land. We then had the privilege to watch them rehearse for a while and I think I can speak for myself and Krista that we will both be buying their album when it’s released! They are awesome!

Dermot then arrived and greeted us both. He was so welcoming and friendly. He asked us about each of our work experience and what we are doing now. He showed great enthusiasm when listening to us, especially when telling him how valuable we both found our work experience and how much it had helped us both.

The team did their last bits of preparation and the show begun. When there was a song or feature playing, Dermot would come out of his booth and ask if we were enjoying ourselves and if we were all ok, as well as keeping the banter up… especially where schools were concerned!!

I really enjoyed chatting to him and listening to all of his advice he had to give. It was really fun talking about Colchester etc and having local things in common with him. It was just nice to get his different perspectives on things and learning about how he started out etc.

It wasgreat to have the opportunity to say thank you in person.  I really wanted to make sure that we conveyed that what he is doing with the trust is really worthwhile.

There was a lot going on throughout the show and towards the end, it was really fun to see a quick interview with Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes before their show was due to start.

After the show, Dermot took us into the studio and showed us how everything worked in there which was really interesting. We chatted for a while longer and then it was sadly time to go.

Observing the show made me realise that Radio is definitely something I want to have a career in and I feel that the day was the little push I needed to start pursuing that. We were given loads of advice from the team and Dermot and it was just so useful to watch the running of it all as well.

I had such a fantastic day and can’t thank you enough for organising it all. What a great opportunity!! Thank you, Becki.