14th May BBC Radio 2 Day

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for such a brilliant opportunity!

As Becki and I entered the BBC 2 Radio studio, we were given our own security pass and were immediately greeted by the controller of Dermot O’leary’s show. He then showed around the whole studio and explained each different recording studio was used for a particular program. For the majority of the time we were sat with the controller in his booth whilst the live show was aired. Before Dermot came in, each of the controls were explained to us. We were then given a running order sheet of the show and then general programme schedule was explained. I learnt that despite from having a plan, the team are given flexibility in how they run the show, for example if they suddenly wanted to play a certain song they could do it. The sound library of all the songs available to play was then also explained to us and the computer software used to create the running play order of the show. Dermot then came in, he was really friendly and showed a real interest and excitement when Becki and I told him how well our work experience went and how much they’ve helped us in employment as well as getting a real feel for the media environment we both want to work within.  O land were this weeks live band, and we were given the fantastic opportunity to watch them live on the show as well as meeting them and the privilege of seeing them practice. Throughout the live show Dermot regularly came out and talked to us, asking  how we were doing as well as feeding us with yummy chocolate biscuits and chips! It was really nice in meeting him and being able to thank him personally for his help through the trust. Towards the end of the show, we also saw a live interview with Jimmi Carr! It was so surreal seeing all the celebs in real life!

The most useful gain of the experience was learning how the general running of the show went and the different roles people had. I spend the majority talking to the radio controller. This was really useful as he explained how he got into radio and  gave me really good advice of how to get into the field. After the live show Dermot took us into the live booth and he explained all the controls, which at first looked extremely complicated!

This was such a good experience, and it’s given me such insight into another medium which I am extremely interested in pursuing as a career. It was a fantastic opportunity, thank you! Krista