7 months later…!

Just thought I’d leave another update on here, to show how much the Tuskar Trust helped me to break into the TV industry! 7 months after my placement at North One Television, and almost a year since the application process began- I can finally say that ‘I work in Television!’ I’ve been working at North One Television as an Office and Production runner for six months now, and the experience has been great!

Whilst in the office I’ve been working closely with the Post Production team- who ingest the footage onto the system(or rushes as they are called) once it has been shot and assist the editors throughout the editing process- ingesting extra material, playing out versions of the edit etc. I’ve been lucky enough to begin to learn the editing system that is used professionally- Avid, and I’m also being trained on a variety of post production tasks.

I haven’t spent all my time in the office though. I’ve been a Production Runner on many shoot days for various productions- including Stephen Fry Gadget Man on Channel 4, The Gadget Show Live at the Excel Centre and The Gadget Show itself on Channel 5. I also ‘logged’ 2 episodes of a new discovery channel documentary called Driven to Extremes. I had my first on screen credit at the end of last year for Gagdet Man, which was amazing, and really made all the hard work worth it!

Thanks again to Jim and David and the Tuskar Trust, because if it hadn’t been for my weeks placement at North One back in August, then I doubt I would be where I am today. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door- which a placement organised by Tuskar Trust will allow you to do. I’ve learnt that if you can prove yourself and work hard, then you’re bound to succeed in the industry! The days can be long and tiring- especially the shoot days- but it’s certainly all worth it when your name is scrolling up the TV screen!

PS. Two programmes that I was part of are airing in the next couple of weeks. Driven to Extremes starts on Discovery Channel at 9pm this Sunday (with my two episodes following the next two weeks) and there is a Gadget Show special on the 25th March at 7pm on Channel 5. Give them a watch if you’re interested! You might possibly see my name!!