Becca Day 8 :)


Well a lot has happened since my last blog – yesterday I was placed with the DDF team which consists of many editing suites. They have a humongus libary of tapes, and which am becoming increasingly familiar with now.. I was at first teamed with runner Juliet, who gave me a tour of the offices introducing me to everyone, there are so many names to remember! All the runners I have been placed with the past days have been so friendly and such a useful source of advice ..

The people of in DDF work very long hours trying to get the shows produce so mnay shows in one week – Juliette was on her fourth 12 hour day in a row 8-8! In the afternoon I was placed with various different editors. They talked me through the processes they were going through – the hardest task is to compress the 24 hour day into and hours show and yet keep the storyline and continuity throughout the day. I got to see exclusive footage, being one of the first to know who would be up for eviction this week, being such a bih brother fan, I am going to miss being amongst the first to know the news! The DDF team are actually a runner down after one left just the other day, Sarah one of the co-ordinators in the team, came to me half-way through the day and asked me if I would be interested in the job for the remaining 6 weeks! I was so flattered and exciting that after being with them for just under half a day they were offering me a job trial.. 

So today, and tomorrow I am undergoing a job trial for them. Its been a long day, working from 8am-8pm, and am almost falling asleep at the computer now! haha  it was such a busy day and I literally didnt stop there was always something to be doing, and although tiring the day went pretty fast.. I don’t know if the 12 hour shifts and the 2 and a quarter hour commutes would be viable for me considering the shifts alter from overnight to all day, but its proving such an amazing experience and such a learning curve! Everyone can’t get over how I am only 18, which is such a compliment as I am usually the ‘babyface’ of my group of friends..

Anyways I better get a good nights sleep ready for tomorrows busy day full of fun and excitement! 

Becca x