Becki Last BB Post :(


I am now sitting at my computer at home after completing my two weeks work experience!

On Thursday I was with the Reality team. This team looks after everything to do with the house. I was firstly shadowed with a runner, Vicky. We firstly went to get the post from security. It was given to us in a massive bag, compared to normal when we would just get the post given to us in our hand. When we got it to the office, we discovered that it was filled with nine white boxes with red kisses on the front. They were addressed to all the important people like the execs and seniors. One was adressed to the secretary in reality so she opened hers first. We discovered that it was from a prospective housemate. It enclosed a riddle and a picture of the woman lying on a pavement. It basically said that when opening all of the parcels, you would discover who it was from. Very bizarre!! We were not aloud to deliver the rest of the parcels. Instead we took them to the welfare office.

We then just did little jobs like cleaning the kitchen sink and moving cardboard boxes. Then i had to go with the other runner Ollie to Shepherds Bush to the head offices of Endemol. This took up the rest of the afternoon and i found it really interesting to see the difference between the offices. We delivered a few letters and picked up floats for each department.

On Friday I was with the live team. I got assigned with the main runner Kele. They have day runners to come in every Friday aswell to help with the live show. I helped on the lunch run to Marks in the morning. Throughout the day i did little jobs such as shredding the important information to do with the new housemates entering and looking after the script desk. I was also with another work experience girl who i had got to know quite well over the two weeks. We looked after David from a previous Big Brother and ex-housemate Keeva in the friends and family room until their appearance later in the live shows. For the evening, i got to watch the whole live show, including the bit in the studio. It felt great as only privaliged people get tickets for that bit and I just got to walk strait in with my pass!! I think it was a great way to finish my week as i got to witness what everything is working towards.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and i think it has been highly beneficial!!! I have made loads of contacts and friends and am just so glad i had this amazing experience! Thankyou so so much!!!