Becki Update 15/07/2010


Ok so i had my third day on Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

I firstly was introduced to Production Manager, Phillippa Langdon she then shadowed me to a runner, Caz. Firstly we had to go into town to go to the bank. Alth0gh this dosen’t sound too interesting, it gave me a great opportunity to have a chat with Caz the job and she gave me lots of tips about who to contact once I’m finished with work experience. I feel she gave me a real insight to the job and was very encouraging. After returning to the offices I had to find local businesses such as River Island and New Look that are in the area and identify the addess and contact number to call to see whether they would be interested in being in the audience of Big Mouth. The team were very impressed with my list of businesses which made me feel as though i had acheived something for the team. In the afternoon I got shadowed with another runner to help film a VT for the live show on Friday. It involved conversations between a fly and a moth about the new housemates. We had a miniture house and a fly and a moth attatched to a piece of wire and had to manover the insects about the house. I got to be the fly and it was really enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product on Friday as they invited me to sit in the audience on the live show!!

Today (Day 4), I worked with the DDF team (Editors). This gave me an insight as to how the daily shows are edited. It was very interesting. Basically the editors get given stories that they have to cut down by half or sometimes even more, but still keep the continuity. I witnessed a number of stories being put together and was really intrigued. The editor i was with for most of the day was really friendly and talked through most of what he was doing so I didnt find myself becoming bored. Towards the end of the day he had to edit a short task which the housemate Josie took part in. It involed yhe task in which all the women were superheros. She was supposed to be running down a road whilst making hot dogs. Alan had to tackle a number of problems involving continuity and it was really interesting to see how he overcame the problems.

Tomorrow i am working with Digital which I’m not quite sure what it entails. I requested to Emma that I am involved with he eviction and she said that as i’m working with digital, that should be fine. After, i can then go on to sit in the BBBM audience. Very excited right now!!!

Will keep you updated as to how my day goes.


By the way, I know there are spelling mistakes but the computer I am on is not letting me change anything i have already written!!!