Becki Update 21/07/2010


Ok, so last time i wrote i was about to experience another day on Little Brother. I arrived and was assigned to shadow a runner, Gerch who was really friendly. We started by getting all the presenters and guests dressing rooms ready for the days show. This involved just clearing out fridges and polishing cutlery but it was actually pretty cool seeing where they all chill out. We then took orders for the teams lunch and popped to Tesco to pick it all up. I then had to wash out the teams water bottles… so i was kept pretty busy throughout the morning!! There was a bit of commotion going on around the security gate at the house and speculation of the housemate Keeva leaving. This got confirmed and presenter Emma Willis arrived to do a clip for the website. I found this really excited as I got to witness her leaving. The team was then pretty behind as they had to re-script the show. They arranged for ex-housemate Shabby to come to the studio too to appear on the live show aswell which was pretty exciting. I spent a lot of the afternoon looking after the team and fetching teas and coffee etc. I also was there as a stand in for the crew when doing the shows run throughs. Ithen went and spoke to Shabby in the friends and family room to calm her nerves. The live show went out at six and went really well considering we didn’t do a rehersal with Keeva or Shabby. I think this was probably my best day so far as i was kept involved all the time and felt like i had really settled in with the team. I had a chat with the guests and Production team after and went home really satisfied with my days work!

Today (Wednesday) I was with the task team again. I was really pleased with this as i know that the shopping task starts on Wednesday so hoped a good fun day was ahead. I firstly went down with the team into the camera runs of the house to put information about the task in the hatch for the housemates. Andrew Stone had entered the house in the morning as a dance and vocal teacher for the task. The housemates had to take part in a warm up class and at this point I had to take the breakdfast into the storeroom and kitchen of the house which was really exciting. After this i took part in de-branding some of the shoping items. I later on witnessed the auditions of the housemates in the task room through the one sided mirrors. This was really good as i got to see the task unfolding in front of me nstead of on the television. I then had to look after Andrew and the pianist with teas and coffee and food etc. The vocal lesson then started which was really entertaining to see all the housemates participating in the task. Before i knew it, it was time to go!!

I had a really exciting day today and am very sad that i am approaching my last two days  . I have had such a good experience and can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my time working with the teams!!!

Write soon