Becki’s First Post

Hi, Becki here

Well i have now completed my first initial two days!!! 

It has been very interesting so far… On my first day i had a tour of the whole studios including a tour of the Big Brother house camera runs! i then got put with the task team. It didn’t seem to be a very busy day for them and they didn’t have a lot of things for me to do.. I photocopied about 100 invoices and lamenated a few name tags during most of the day. Then for the last two and a half hours i got assigned to a task for later in the week which involved watching episodes and identifying embarrassing and bitchy comments said by the housemates. I found this really enjoyable and felt i had benefitted the team with my work.

On day 2 i was assigned to Big Brothers Little Brother. The team asked me what i am interested in giving me a list of options and i told them that i was very interested in editing. A runner took me to the editing team for BBLB and i spent my morning with them, observing how they make short VT clips for that days show. I found this very worthwhile and it was very satisfactory to see these clips used later on in the rehearsals and live show. After lunch i got shaddowed with a floor runner. I really enjoyed this part of the day as I began to see how everything comes together… I even got given my own head set!! We did several run throughs of the show and i had to stand in for missing celebrities and guests which was fun. I stayed later to watch the show go out on air and am really pleased with how the day went. The team were very friendly and helpful and seemed keen for me to come back another day to work with them.

Tomorrow I am working on Big Brothers Big Mouth which i am very excited about and will keep you updated as to how i get on!!

That’s all for now!