Becki's Third Post Update


Last time i wrote, was about to have my final day of my first week. I was due to work on the Digital team. I was introduced to a girl called Kirsty who was one of the more higher up people in the team and i shadowed her for the day. We did a number of shoots for the website including one with Davina giving the lowdown on what she has been up to during the week, one with ex-housemate Nathan doing an impression of a past housemate and one with Emma Willis for a link to a clip for youtube. I witnessed how these get put on the website and also how stories and videoclips from the house get identifyed and put onto the website.

I had a break before i had to turn up for Big Mouth. I returned at 8 and we all went to watch the live show go out in one of the workshops. Once Davina was half way through the interview with the evicted housemate Ife, we went to the Big Mouth studio and waited for it to start. It was so interesting watching how it all gets done and is so different to what you see on the television. It is much smaller and was so strange seeing Davina. In the breaks it is so funny because everyone relaxs and then as soon as we’re on air again everyone switches to being so proffessional. All in all i was so grateful for the opportunity to witness a live show and had a really great night!!

Today (Monday) I was with the Digital team again. There was a great amount to do today apart from keeping a lookout for stories happening during the day which are appropriate for the website. I did a lunch run for everyone at Tesco’s which was actuallly nice to get out as the office is sooooooo hot!!!! I also did many tea runs which everyone was grateful for!! Towards the end of the day a runner from Big Brothers Little Brother came into the office and asked if any of us were willing to dress up as a housemate Ben for a spoof they were doing in the live show. I put myself forward… why not!!! It was really fun and Becca put herslef forward as well so we had each other to laugh at which was really funny. Today was such a laugh and i’m looking forward to tomorrow as I am on Little Brother again!!!

Speak soon