Big brother! Day one

Uploading a bit late as I wasn’t able to get Internet while on my placement.

Monday 6th – day one
I woke up surprisingly early at around 5:45, i think i was a little excited about my first day. Got a cab from my grandmas where i was staying for the week to the studios and was reading through my information on where to go in the back of a tinted windowed car. I felt very buisnessy.

I arrived and was directed to the reality cabin where i was given a pass and was told that i would be working with BOTS. It took a while but she finally explained that BOTS was the shortened name for Bit On The Side. Before i went down to their office I was given a tour of the studio and got to go into the camera runs. That was very strange seeing the housemates up close and realising that they couldn’t see me, i had to fight the urge to pull some very strange faces at them.
After that i was taken to the BOTS office and i met the two main runners i would be working with. I sorted out some press clippings and organised them into folders of who the article was about before going on the audience shop. We went to the local Tesco and stocked up on coke, wine, beer, crisps and sweets to help keep the audience happy and lively for the live show that night. After that I helped the runners clean the dressing room of the presenters and saw that one was a very mucky pup but i wont name names ;) before getting lunch for the producers of the show.  6pm was clocking out time and i got my cab home collapsing into my bed at half 9 falling asleep almost instantly.