Big brother day three

Day three – Task

Today was the halfway point and I had already learnt loads and had so much fun. I arrived at the normal time of 9 and grabbed myself a cup of tea before being told I was working with the task team today. I was so excited as the other runners said working with task was great and that I would have loads of fun.

I met up with the two runners that I would be working with and we first had to clear out some rooms in the camera runs to make way for the stuff going into the house for celeb BB.

As the housemates had the food task to do on the day that I was there. We were given the list of food they had asked for and their budget and headed off to the local Morrison’s. We gathered all their food and I had to black out all of the prices on the items so as the housemates didn’t know. After this we placed it in the stock room for the housemates to find. When putting the bacon away, I discovered their stash of chocolate. There was probably about 100 bars of chocolate in their fridge. Can you say chocoholics?

After this I was told to debrandthe bottles of fizzy drink and the cigarettes so as not to advertise smoking to the viewers.

After this we did odd jobs around the task cabin before being asked to help clear out the living room for the task while the housemates were on lock down in the bedroom. This meant that I would actually be going into the house, and it was extremely weird. Seeing the house on TV and actually being in the house was strange to say the least.

6oclock and my day in the task cabin was over and I headed home, almost drifting off in the back of my cab