Big brother day two

Day two morning - Reality cabin

The reality cabin holds the IT technicians and the people responsible for allowing visitors access to the sits. It also houses the runners who will make copies of everything needed for the various staff around the site, e.g. press clippings and meal vouchers

So I was working with the main runner and the first job we did was emptying out all the bins around the site. After this we collected the post and sorted it out before dropping it off at the correct departments.

I helped him out with making meal vouchers for lunch and dinner until 7th September so that they wouldn’t have to make them up each day.
After this we did the story shop, getting lunches for the various people in the editing suites who don’t have time to get it themselves.

Day two afternoon – the gallery

After my own lunch i was told to report to the gallery. This is where all the directors work and where all the camera streams go to. The loggers help to keep track of whats going on in the house at every point in the day so that a recollection of events can be created for the next day.

I sat and watched the streams, watching the loggers work continuously. As there was a task going on at this point I also got to see the voice of god at work. This was very strange as i wasn’t paying attention to who he was when i was listening, then as i was listening it dawned on me that his lips were moving at the same time.

Late afternoon I went into the camera runs with a runner to ensure that the housemates didn’t run off when they were moved from task room to task room.