Blink TV Update

Okay, since my last update my time at blink TV has got even more exciting. On thursday I did little jobs like putting together booklets for the V staff.  I was also asked to look for cool videos that can be shown on the big screen when people are waiting for the bands to play. Friday was the best day yet, Pheobe (a girl my age who is also doing work experience with Blink – who i’ve made friends with) were set the fun task to go “prop shopping”!!!. We were given £60 and spent the day shopping ALL over London, with our list of random objects that can be used in the interviews with celebrities. We had to find all sorts of things, a french flag, a baby chick, a hat, some cowboy boots (all of which we managed to find!). When we came back to the office the Blink TV team were really pleased with what we got, and were extra pleased we had £20 spare! On Monday we will be carrying on this task, getting the last dribs and drabs of the props, which i’m really looking forward to. The atmosphere in the office on Friday was really friendly, and i’m starting to form close relationships with some of the staff members. I’m SOOOOO looking forward to V fest. I know it’s going to be brilliant!!!  :):):)