Blink TV – Working at the Soho Office

This experience was simply priceless on every level and although the commute was exhausting it was naturally, well worth it. I made several valuable acquaintances throughout the placement which all worked in different fields which was fun to explore. From Artist Liaison to TV production, it was crazy to see how things really worked and it made me think how naive we are as an audience sometimes, thinking that things are just magically put together when really, there is a team of people working for weeks and weeks to create it.

I worked mostly on Artist Biogs, putting together a somewhat portfolio for each artist which would then be taken and turned into interviews for the presenters to have with artists, so it felt like I was really contributing which I enjoyed a lot, particularly writing about artists that I personally had an interest for. Amongst other things, I researched previous set lists of artists, imported tracks into the shared database needed by the people in the trucks recording performances and even jumping on a tube to pick up a makeshift bike chain to ensure no members of the public got into our section on site.

After our day off for our results, which surprisingly went well, we moved to site…