Can’t wait for T4OTB.

This past week has been manic. The tv team set off for site yesterday so everything needed to be done before then. Usually they have two people doing work experience at any one time, this week it has just been me,  in the craziest  of weeks.

I can definitely say that these two weeks working in London has improved my map skills and general knowledge of London outside of Oxford Street and Covent Garden. I have been everywhere. Markets on the hunt for giant birthday cards, from one line of the central line to the other to pick up and drop off a secret item for the olympics, Paddington, Arsenal, Islington, Greenford?! I have got a little lost on the way, but managed (somehow ). Prop searching reached another level when I was sent out to hunt for some red fluffy handcuffs. Ringing around shops before hand, the rest of the Done and Dusted family had a great laugh at me asking if they had this item in stock. If anyone has listened to The Scott Mills Show on radio 1 before, it felt a little bit like one of their embarrassing features, and I was Becky!  I have also been involved in the making of the props, watch out for the ‘dong’ on sunday – that is all I will say.

Every lunchtime I have covered for our receptionist, while he goes out for lunch. Although this doesn’t sound the most exciting, it has provided me with the experience needed if I ever was to be employed as a production receptionist. Looking out for jobs for after I have finished this, I feel more confident that I could secure a job with a similar role.

More of the exciting news. The train and hotel are booked and tomorrow at 7 am, I am off to Weston-Super-Mare (ah). Rehearsals all day Saturday and look out of C4 for the actual event. I will be one f the runners for the weekend based with the television crew. Preparing myself for a couple of long and exciting days ahead. Wellies and mac are packed as I’m preparing for rain.

Wish me luck, x