Day 10 at North One

Day Ten, and my last day started like the same way, arriving at 9.30 and starting early with research. Today I researched locations for the location manager and its not as easy as you might think! After being summoned to Nick’s office, I was a runner again fetching a shirt for a presenter from Covent Garden. Whilst on the tube I relaised I’ve learnt so much from being in the environment for the last two weeks. I’ve learnt how North One plan and execute projects. It’s been a great and joyous experience. Even more so, that North One wants me to stay on for another week. It’s a massive opportunity as after my holiday there is a possibility I could stay for even longer. This possibility only came about thanks to the Tuskar Trust. I’ve loved every minute and although its cliché its true, I’ve done everything to running across London, to making coffee, to building gadgets, to editing. I’d like to say a massive thanks to Jim, David and the other Tuskar Trust members. Thanks for your support. And thanks for the opportunity.