Day 2 and 3 at North One

I arrived an hour early on day 2 to help clear an old office that was going to be used for a shoot. Two young producers have been asked to shoot a short episode for a new social media website ‘StarCount’. They have been planning it for a few weeks and now a production manager has joined them to oversea everything and manage the budget. They begin shooting on Friday and continue next week. The day was spent with all 4 of us clearing the office so that the props can be delivered on Thursday morning.

Day 3 was mostly spent sorting out props and various items for the shoot. Firstly, we sorted out the camera equipment and editing suites that were needed. The shoot is taking place on Friday, with the majority on Wednesday. The props were arranged to be delivered tomorrow, and the camera man was booked for Wednesday. The production manager of the StarCount project then asked me to create some spreadsheets for the budget. After lunch we bought some paint and equipment so that we could begin painting the shoot location tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a case of setting up the studio and then the shoot begins on Friday. Will blog again then!