Day 2,3 and 4

Day Two started with a chat with one of the many editors; he talked about multi-camera editing on the new show they are editing. It was fascinating and it dawned in me how much terminology is in the media. That sounds naïve but I never realised it would be that vast. The rest of the day consisted of me fulfilling odd jobs around the office, which was to be expected at some point.

Day Three started with a chat to another editor, talking about my future career plans. Its very interesting to listen to various stories from the inside and its giving me a lot of knowledge on a topic I knew very little of. I think that is a very good thing about this process and work experience in general. I being in this environment is a constant learning curve that I’m enjoying a lot. It also makes me realise how much I have actually learnt too with only three days gone.

Day Four went well. I am now starting to put my knowledge to the test in some ways as I started to explore editing practically. My knowledge of I.P’s, Sampling Theory and digitalizing which I have learnt whilst on work experience were put to the test as I used AVID to digitalize. It was exciting, although the task itself isn’t that entertaining, to be using industry equipment which will stand me in good stead for the uni and hopefully in the future a job! I’m really enjoying myself being in this environment.