Day 3: Done and Dusted on the production for T4 on the beach!

With just two weeks till T4 on the beach it’s been all go at the ‘Done and Dusted’ office.

The majority of the people that work for Done and Dusted are contacted in to work on various different projects, so although I am working specifically with the T4 team, I have also been helping out people working on the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, and Justin Beiber’s next tour. It’s such an exciting and fast-paced atmosphere, something which I love about the television industry. Everybody is so friendly and encouraging. They have all had to work their way up from finding work experience and being a runner to where they are today. As a university student, it is continuously drummed into me how important it is to have work experience, so to have this opportunity again is amazing, and something that will prove invaluable when I finally graduate next year.

I got stuck in straight away at the office. My first main task was rather daunting. I was given a parcel and a very vague map and asked to deliver it. After quickly doing a google maps search, I was off. I am not the most confident with maps, let alone in London. But after navigating my way on the tubes, and an anxious twenty minute walk, I reached my destination. The London A-Z was the first thing I packed into my bag ready for my next adventures for the next day.

Day 2, I was set the task of helping create the staff lanyards. All of the crew will have my creations around their necks at T4. So much preparation goes in to an event like this, and because it is the last week there is always something to do. I’m tested on the quiz that will be happening at the event, and set on the task of tracking down what is the latest news of the guest line-up to help advertise the event.

Day 3. After being a little envious of a girl who came in on work experience helping out with the costumes for the Olympics, I was given a shopping list and let loose on Oxford street! The list included extra large wax strips (you can imagine how bad that sounded when I was asking the shop assistants for these), onesies, birthday cards for David Beckham and Elton John, desk bell, and a crystal ball?! I have now visited the majority of fancy dress shops in the area!

Looking forward to the rest of the week, and finally tracking down this crystal ball!