Day 3 in the Big Brother House


Day 2 – I was assigned with Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a new office, a new set of people to meet  We watched the morning viewing of the show that was to be aired that night, because they only have one show on the friday night they hadn’t had much material to work with, and so I was teamed with two of the runners Caz and Danny. They were so lovley and we instantly got on. We went off to the local shopping centre to target people to join their audience for this Friday. It felt great to say I was part of the Big Brother team !

I later sat in on Big Brother’s Little Brother’s editing suite. I recognised some of the software they used from previosuly having used a similar programme when creating my media coursework, but this was 10 times more complicated and it was completed 10 time faster! it was so interesting to see how its all put together, and the thought process behind it. There is a constant buzz of people in and out which I love!

Today I was with the ‘live’ team who put together the live shows such as eviction night. I was assigned a lot more responsilitygoing off and getting the newspapers by myself and finding BB news stories in them. I spent the majority of the day researching quotes from their audience online that could be used for future programmes. IThe producer was lovley and I felt I really had a bit of input. I really hope I am assigned with them for a Friday eviction night, one of their busiest most exciting nights!

Really enjoying it and although I have only spent three days there and spent that time with all different teams I feel have formed really close relationships..Cant wait till the rest of this week, when things will really start hotting up!

Becca x