Day 3: Team Task!

Today I worked with the task team for the BB house. These are the funny people who think of the task themes and ideas, buy props, set up and clear down every task. We spent a lot of time in the houses’ garden cleaning and setting up today’s task (which I’m not allowed to reveal) but it smelled foul and was a toughie to clean! Other than setting up and clearing down in the BB house, I helped the team think of ideas for a task coming up next week – I’d watch if I was you, it’s going to be a funny one!

It was a tad daunting working with a team that is so confidential and relies on it’s secrecy for their idea to work, but it’s such a creative job and the possibilities are endless and crazy with them, so they really encourage you to let your imagination run free.

Tomorrow I’m working with the BB spin off show Big Brothers Bit on the Side, but it’s also my last day! I’ll be sad to leave Elstree Studios as it’s given me such a great and diversified experience of working on TV and I’ve learnt a lot about that side of the media industry. I’ll write more tomorrow!