Day 4 and 5 at Done and Dusted. Search for the crystal ball cont.

Day 4 started with a morning in Hyde Park rehearsing the games that will take place on the day. This included a giant catapult to fling wet sponges into targets, and another game with lots of balloons (consequently I was out of puff for the remainder of the day after blowing the majority of these up). These rehearsals are vital, as they highlight flaws in the scripts, timing, and check that the game concepts work well. Pretending to be a member of Little Mix wasn’t bad either.

I was back to my shopping list, with other unusual items added to my list (Hawaiian shorts, industrial sized moisturizer, fortune teller costume).

I was sent at the end of the day to Stratford to drop off a package at the Olympic Stadium. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t get past security and get a sneak at the rehearsals that were going on, so can’t feedback anything on that.

Day 5, and after 4 longs days, a strong coffee was definitely a must for everyone on my tea round that morning. I study English and American Studies at university, something that you perhaps put with a career in television, and something I was slightly worried about when applying for jobs. However, I have as my time at uni has continued I have been able to tailor my course to my interest in film an television. I completed a film module this year, I am going to study a screenwriting module next year alongside my dissertation in literature to film adaptions. I was unsure when I chose my degree what I wanted to do as a career, and so I ended up just picking what I loved doing. Slowly as I’ve grown up, and learnt more through my studies and experiences, I’ve been able to adapt my degree.  As long as you are full of enthusiasm and willing to get stuck in and get down to the dirty work.

Top tip from the week would be to perfect the art of making a cup of tea/coffee. Nobody wants a runner who can’t make a good brew. Bring a notepad with your London A-Z for big tea orders, and writing down email addresses for future contacts!