Day 4 and 5 at North One

Day 4 was spent arranging the studio for the shoot over the next few days. The props were delivered late morning, and so we arranged the set. We also painted one wall bright red, in order the give the set some colour, and another with the Hollywood sign.

Instead of beginning the shoot on Friday, the decided to just do some test shots within the studio and have a run through of the scripts with the executive producer. We collected the camera equipment in the morning, and adjusted the set in order to maximise the lighting. The test shots enabled us to see how the studio looked on camera (lighting, colour and arrangement wise) and also check that the mics worked etc. After a quick lunch they ran through the scripts with the executive producer so that they could edit them on Monday before shooting on Tuesday.

Luckily for me, they have asked me to stay for next week to help out on the production. Monday will be the last day of preparation and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be the shoot days. The editing will then begin on Friday. I hope that by the end of the 2 weeks I will have gained a very broad range of experience, in all areas of production! I will post again next week.