Day 5 – Big Brother

Day Five

On my fifth and final day I was working with digital. They run the facebook and twitter pages and report on whats happening in the house. I sat with them and watched the live streams, luckily when I was there the housemates were taking part in a task so there was lots of things to take note of.

I was asked to take note on the interesting things that happened in the task, interesting conversations and if one housemates makes a comment on another housemate. 

While I was there I saw one housemate comment on if another housemate was gay or not.  Two of the more manly men in the house talking about Twilight one stating he was very excited for the next film. And a certain “dumb blonde” saying that she thought Moses was Jesus’s cousin.

I told my findings to the other members of the digital crew and they posted it on twitter to keep the followers up to date.

After a long day of work, I packed up my stuff making my way round each team I had worked with that week and saying my goodbyes to all the lovely people I had worked with. I left 4 packets of biscuits in the kitchen cabin though I do not know if they were eaten as a lot of the people I had come across were on diets.

My week of working on a TV show was over and I have learnt some much and had loads offun working in the different departments.

This is definitely something that I would love to do again if I got the chance. Thanks very much to Jim, Dave and The Tuskar Trust for giving me this opportunity!!!

Katie x