Day 5 of Week 1

I had a brilliant last day researching into a new show idea for Channel 4. I was able to help out with some ideas, including giving advice on how to target the audience of teenagers today. It’s kinda shocking to find out how little industry researchers actually know about teenagers.

I also got to watch one of the first episodes of a brand new show! It was so exciting to see a work in progress become a TV reality. I also was aloud to see some of the footage and plans for the shows never made it to commissioners. It was such a shame as there were some programmers that would have been excellent.

Time really flew by on this day! It was great to sit down at lunch with the group and get to know about their journeys to North One. I found out that all of them came from degrees that had nothing to do with film or television at all, one of the guys I worked with had done an MA in Geography.

I cant wait for the second week of my placement!