Day 6 in the Big Brother House


Well its been a little while so a lot to write!

Thursday I was placed with the Task team! This is the office with the most secrets, and therefore one of my favourites  . I was teamed with runner Ian, and helped him prepare for the task ahead, gathering bits and bobs from the warehouse and even popping down to the local chinease to get some chopsticks..I just LOVE the randomness of it all. It got a good nose round the warehouse, recognising many of the props from previous tasks. At the end of the day me and Becky even got a photo with the muppet versions of the housemates from a previosu task which will be posted on here very is now my phone background! Afternoon talks of future tasks was really interesting and I even managed to add a few of mine own seemed I was a little too late with the suggestion of the Twilight themed task though as a vampire task had been done last year. It was a fun-filled day with the repeated ‘Don’t stop believeing’ track from the Glee task that was going on. Considering I love this programme it was such a good opportunity to see behind the makings of it all..the only downer was I managed to purchase myself a seafood salad sandwich for lunch instead of the desired prawn cocktail, only realising after taking a humongus bite.  Miss Carey found this halarious in my daily report back to her and I promosed to post it on here!

My first Friday..traditionally eviction night and the most exciting, I was raring to go! I was with Big Brother’s Little Brother! It was probably my favourite of all the days..firstly I was doing just genreal tasks, preparing dressing rooms. food runs etc but later I joined the art department and got a look in and what they do and even manged to make three banners for the live show.. SO prous when they appeared on television last night with their catchy phrases – ‘Your my Super Mario’ ‘Coring we’re lovvvinnnnn you!’ (these will not be funny at all if you havn’t watched BB at all, but I thought they were pretty catchy!) Later I joined dress rehearsals, going throught the run throughs, I stood in for the new hosuemates, and even had a little boogie in front of lovley Emma Willis and George Lamb! ( I would have won the BB High jacket they were giving away for my effort  .. Much to the delight of my proud family I then got myself on the show that evening dressed in a cheerleading outfit (pompoms and all!) – I am FAMOUS according to Granny and Grandad! It was SO much fun, and made some fabulous new friends in the BBLB team!

Today! I was no longer the newbie at Elstree Studios 

They had two new work experience boys in.. I now feel part of the team! I was placed with task again today, preparing for the tasks this lollipops and making a trip to a wedding shop ( I SAY NO MORE, you will have to wait for the action to come out later this week! It really is the office of all secrets, and there is a lot more that I am not allowed to say!

Having an absolutley fabulous time, now I just dont want it to end!

Write soon!

Becca X