Day four – Big Brother

Day four

Today I would be working with the live cabin. They work on getting the shows ready for the evictions, opening shows and the final. When I was there they were working on getting things ready for the final and the start of celeb big brother.

When I first got there, I looked through the papers, looking for anything that mentioned big brother and cutting it out to get photocopied if I did. These go into the press clippings that get sent round the site.

Next I helped typed out some addresses of the nearest roads to the big brother house. I then stuffed envelopes with a letter explaining there was going a firework show for the final. 

After they were all stuffed i headed out on my own armed with a bunch of letters and a map,  to deliver the letters to the designated houses.

After I came back, I  waited for the other runners to finish odd jobs before we went to pick up laundry for the presenters. We then headed to tesco to get sweets and crips and drinks to keep the camera crew happy while sitting in the camera runs all day.