Day One & Two North One Placement

Monday: The first day was disappointing right from midday to the end of the day. I was not expecting anything spectaular, however I didnt expect to be sat down such a long time to even be let into the main building. I arrived about fifteen minutes early, still hoping to not be late. In the reception area my name was taken and I took a seat to wait for someone to come get me to start off the placement. I waited for a full hour because most of the staff had even arrived. I had then finally been taken over to the editing suites, I was sat down again and told by the head of the department to wait while he made a quick phone call. The phone call lastest about forty minutes, meanwhile one of the other editors sat across the room from turned on the computers. It was nearly noon when I was given the task to clear out a shelf of all its cassette tapes and log them on an Excel document. The task wasnt explained very well but I managed to figure it out after asking a few questions.

It would have been nice to get a tour of the building and talked through a few things,  but I spent the rest  of the day collecting tapes, logging them on Excel and placing them in moving boxes.

Tuesday: Today I arrived even earlier and got breakfast before going to the studio. I arrived at 9:30am on the dot and was sent to the editing suite once more. I had gotten the hang of organising and logging the tapes quite quickly, I logged all the main tapes asked of me. I then asked if the individual DVD’S, CD’S and MINI DV’s needed logging aswell, the answer was yes. I spent the rest of the day infront of a laptop picking out all sorts of mismatched or unlabled CD’s from shelves and documented them on Excel.

So far thats all I have gotten to do. I had a brief talk with a recent graduate who also did work experience at North One previously. He informed me that he spent a whole week doing what I am doing. Lets see what tomorrow brings.