First Day at V

So I arrived at the V festival site, and everyone was in festival mood!! I was in an extra happy mood – just having received my A Level results – and getting in to my first choice uni (Sussex!) Im staying in “writtle college” (here is only a small amount of us staying here, as all the blink team didn’t fit in the Holiday in). Staying in the college dorms gave me an idea of what Uni life is like – I can’t wait! I was also given my wrist band which says “production crew” – this felt really cool and made me feel like a VIP haha! With this wrist band I was allowed access to the back area (where production portable offices are), and the areas where the presenters are filmed. I didn’t realise the portable offices where going to be so big – it was like the whole blink offices had been taken to Blink. There was the main one where the main production assistants worked (elizabeth flowers etc.) then the editing suit, then a “general purposes one” which was used to stored props/drinks in etc – where I spent most of my time. I arrived on Friday which was the final preparation day before the bands went on. This meant doing label sticking – but it had to be done!! We had to label up all the tapes for all the different bands – There were three ISO’s one line cut and then one digi beta – and then each of them had three stickers – for each band – i’m not very good at maths but I know that equals a lot of sticking!! (6 hours of it!) However this task did help me to remember all the different cameras and the different types of tapes – i.e. 124, or 60 or 40 length. After we had done the tapes we moved on the DVD’S. Pheobe and I made the best of it though –  and we had the help of another runner called Ben. Ben was really friendly – and put music on his phone so we could sing a dance a bit whilst labelling! Since then the portable office we were in came know as the chill out area haha – where Blink Tv staff could get away from the stress for a bit hehe! In between the labelling I did lots of Tea runs – which despite how strange it sounds I reallllllllyyy enjoyed. This being, as to get to the cafe you had to go past the presenting area – so I did a bit of celebrity spotting on the way! It was also a nice to find out that I got free food! for lunch and dinner!!! The food was SOOOOOO nice – the selection was amazing. For lunch I had mushroom pie – mmmmm. And for pudding there were cupcakes, chocolate mouses, fruit, ice cream – you name it they had it! As there were no bands playing, and all the prep was complete the runners managed to get an early night and left the site and 8:30 on the coach on the way back to writtle college. As we arrived at writtle we were also informed of some more good news  -  there was a free bar! This gave me a chance to talk to the other runners and to find out how they got work – and what other companies where good for work exp so I could start building up a portfolio. This gave me good insight into the industry, so I can find out more about it before I (fingers crossed) will be in it!!! Despite the free bar – everyone was sensible and got an early night sleep – ready for Saturday!! Im really thankful for this experience – and i’m having such a wonderful time!!! K