First Day of Big Brother :)


First day of Big Brother! First of all today I was shown round the offcial Big Brother House, it didn’t look anything like it did on the television, and neither did any of the housemates – John James isn’t half as good looking in real life!

I was assigned to ‘Reality’ and shadowed a runner. I was kept busy all day with small tasks, thrown in with random occurances – fetching Dave’s bible and putting it in the hatch and I entered the store-room, which was really exciting, however boring it may sound.

In the afternoon I was invited to be dress as a ‘Ben’ with a very fancy wig, shirt and jumper..Me and Becky later appeared on the live Big Brother Little Brother’s show, which I have just been informed was watched by Mum, brothers, sisters, Grandparents, Aunties and all of the boyfriend’s family as well.

Everyone there is so friendly, and its so good to be talking to people intelevision that can give you the real picture of what it’s like and how to progress…

A FANTASTIC first day, and looking forward to tomorrow when I will be working with Big Brother Big Mouth, and hopeful be able to add some creative input