Going behind the scenes

Right, so as hard as it was for me to believe, David and Jim have given me the chance to work for the most incredibly versatile and innovative industry in the world. My friend Yasmin first told me about what Tuskar Trust was all about and from then on, I’ve tried my very hardest to be a part of, what I think is, an incredible organisation that has made it possible for me to do something now that I one day dream to do as a career.

I’ve attended festivals in all genres of  music since I was 7 years old. I knew then, as much as I know now, that it’s the industry I want to work in. I decided to apply to a course at Leeds University in Media, which allows me to specifically focus on Journalism.

This internship, whatever it may involve, will give me the experience that I’ve always wanted, to step out of the audience and go behind the scenes. The ability to see how an event or company works and to witness but be apart of the jobs in which people do to create something that we watch, listen and love whether thats a festival, a TV show or an event.

I have David and Jim to thank for that and of course, the Trust and I’m so excited to find out more as we go on!