Half a Day at BB

Wow. That pretty much sums up my first day.

I’m just over half way through my shift and I’ve already done a handful of cv-worthy tasks, working with the Big Brother digital team. I’ve written two articles for BB’s official Facebook site and posted two live Tweets on their Twitter account. As a girl who is about to start her first year at Portsmouth University doing a journalism degree, having my first articles published on the BB website has surpassed my expectations and put a huge smile on my face 

Working on the digital team is fast paced and fun, having to constantly listen to the live video/audio feed from the house, making videos and photos albums and writing articles along with the current housemate events. I’ve been in the photo and video ‘grabbing’ suites today, creating my own news pieces and keeping up the interest on the Twitter / Facebook accounts.

Tonight I will be working on BB’s live show Big Brother’s Bit on the Side as a member of the audience! Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson will be the highlight of the show answering questions about living in the house and while I’ll be learning more about live tv broadcasting.

I’ve also been given a full tour of Elstree Studios today, getting the chance to see the prop, editing, gallery and many other rooms. Tomorrow I’ll be working with the Reality Team, who manage the time scheduling and camera shots in the BB house; so there’s a whole new side of reality tv production to experience tomorrow!

See if you can spot me in the audience by tuning in tonight at 11pm on Chanel 5! I’ll be blogging more tonight.