My Week at BIG BROTHER !

Day 1 – Wow. Well i was very very nervous for my first day, walking up to the big iron gates with some very scary looking security guys (who were in fact extremely lovely people and very much part of the team). I started with a tour of the village and best of all the Big Brother house itself! This was incredible! its like a huge hallway which perimeters the bedroom, kitchen, garden etc. with many one way mirrors so that the cameras can film. It was a very cool feeling spying on the housemates so up close and in person aside from seeing them on a TV screen. I then spent some time in the DDF department where i was given a list of some timings of footage in which needed to be screen shot and saved then sent off to Press.

Day 2 – I spent today in the Reality department where i shadowed the runners there seeing what their job entails. I did basic jobs such as collecting lunch orders, going to Tesco’s to get them then deliver them to everyone, making Tea’s and Coffees etc. Doing these very simple jobs where probably in fact the most eye opening, it made it clear that the production would not get done without the runners getting all the ‘bits n’ bobs’ sorted. I also spent time in the Gallery where there are 40 odd screens all different sizes and these are live feed from small CCTV style cameras which are inside the Big Brother house. Also in the Gallery is the voice of BB itself! it was so cool to see BB talking to Gina in the diary room on one of the screens but at the same time looking at someone in a small box room speaking into a mic to her. That was a great moment where behind the scenes met what the audience see/hear on screen and see how things are actually put together.