Krista's First Day :)

As I walked up to the Blink TV studio I was really nervous, but within the first quarter of an hour I felt comfortable and welcomed by all the staff. I was given a desk straight away and then had my tour of the studio. My first task was to make labels for the master copies of the video recordings of all the artists playing at V.  This task helped me settle in and also realise how much preparation there was for the festival, as making labels sounds quite simple but it actually took quite a long time. I then made a spread sheet noting the times when the performers are playing. It was really important I noted the gaps between the performers, and the exact times so the crew knew exactly where they needed to be and when. Already on my first day I had seen confidential information, as the times aren’t released to the public yet. It also felt very surreal when people were using celebrities’ first names when talking about the running order and plans etc.

It was a really good first day, and I’m sooo excited forward to tomorrow.