My first year as a working woman!

So I have just completed my first year as a working woman. I must say it was not necessarily my first choice of a career, but due to location and family situations, I didn’t feel it was the right time to push and pursue the media career.

I started to look for an office job at the beginning of September 2010. I thought this would be the best and easiest way to get myself into the real working world. I can safely say it was no where near as easy as I had expected… at the end of the day it was ‘only’ an office job I was looking for! It was so hard, I had been into every office type places I could think of in the surrounding areas but no one wanted to know as I had ‘no relevant office experience.’

My break came when I applied for a job through an agency for a Sales Team Assistant. I finally had my first interview half way through November! The  interview was all based around the experience I had had working on Big Brother and doing the editing work with Magna Films. I left the interview and was lucky enough to be offered the job an hour later to start 29th November 2010.

The job basically involved being the right hand to the sales team in a technology company. I was worried at first as I am not a technology person, nor am I a sales person, but the role was to predominately carry out any office junior duties and to assist the sales team.

I have really enjoyed my year working there. There have been many ups and downs to say the least, as it is quite an early start up and at times, I thought I may be out of a job. But things have really started to turn around in the last few months. We have new management and it couldn’t be more positive. I have been given a promotion and pay rise to a Sales Team PA. This will be really good to put on my CV for the future.

I am now really good friends with the women that interviewed me for the job. They said that the main reason they gave me the job was because of the experience I had with Big Brother and Magna Films. If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t have even been given an interview as most girls my age have waitress on their CV (that is the only other working experience I had).

I need to say thank you again really to the trust as if it wasn’t for this, I would not be in the job I am in now and doing so well. It has also made me realise how hard it is to get what I though was a simple job, or even an interview. You’ve just gotta keep on and on!!

Thanks again,