My Week Continued…

Day 3 – WOW! best day yet!!! i got the opportunity to sit in on the rehearsal of BBBOTS, meet Emma Willis and then sit in the audience of the actual show that evening! amazing. It was great getting to see how the show is rehearsed (fairly quickly Emma’s a busy person) and how different it is from the fully constructed and edited version we see on the TV screen. Spending my day in BOTS was great i spent some time with the VT Crew where one guy shew me around one of the cameras they often use which was really interesting. I also did some general research for the upcoming celeb BB.

Day 4 – I loved today as it was spent with the task team which all the rest of the village had been telling me was very fun. Unfortunately the day i was working with them they didn’t have a huge task on so i didn’t get to actually go INSIDE the BB house like a friend i met also on work experience but i still had a great day. I was shadowing a runner and we had to go get some more alcohol for the housemates then had to debrand it all as company’s could say that it’s advertising otherwise. We also had to do the housemates laundry and other general jobs:)

Day 5 – was amazing! i worked with the live crew getting ready for the live eviction that night. This was exciting as i got to go round the live set and in the globe. We swept and cleaned the whole set as well as collecting deliveries and other general duties. The best part of the day was getting to watch Emma Willis rehearse and be stand ins for the audience members and Friends and family. So being (pretend) interviewed by Emma was pretty cool! I then was asked if i wanted to be in the audience for the Live show that night to which i said YES.. of course. It was truly AMAZING!

:D :D :D