Nina’s Reflections…….2009

1. At first I was unsure what I was going to experience on my placement. I hoped it would give me an insight into the world of media, and help me decide whether I wanted to pursue a career in the industry.

2. I was firstly excited at the audition tasks that were set. They were fun and very competitive. The audition tasks were relevant to tasks set on placement. Time Management is essential, as research tasks were given with a time restriction.

3. The experience has helped me understand that:

  • A lot more time is spent on production behind the cameras.
  • Budgets are used carefully, and are strict.
  • Time restrictions are put on most tasks to achieve good targets.

4. My favourite moment was: Working on site at V Festival, being able to go on stage and watch the acts was awesome too! The most anxious moment was: When I first started the work experience, not knowing what to expect.

5. If I had the chance again to go on placement I wouldn’t have done anything differently. However, I would have organised to stay in London to avoid transport disruption (which meant I lost a few days work experience).

6. I would definitely recommend the opportunity to others. Mainly people who are interested in the media, as this will give them an insight into media and may help them decide what area of media they want to work in (if they were to pursue a career).

Overall it’s been brilliant!