Non-Stop V Talk

The office is buzzing with the excitement/ hectic schedule and organization that is still needed to be made for the festival. With a constant flow of CD’s entering the office, Laura and myself have become key experts at copying the CD’s and creating replicas to send to the key players, plus I think the ladies at the post office must love us with the amount of times we’ve seen them over the past week.

I had my first experience of ringing up people yesterday who are attending the festival due to working with Blink TV and got to answer the phone with “Blink TV, Yasmine speaking” and do you know what, I could get used to that!

I am actually so excited for the festival and experiencing it from the position that we’ll be in. BACKSTAGE! The performers, the crew, the lovely workers that we’ve been with for the past week, the fact that we don’t have to camp, the hopefully outrageous and hilarious requests we’ll get from the artists, the live exclusive performances, the sneaky drinks at the end of each successful day, the total experience that we will get from this…….just WOW!