North One Productions Day 1

As I arrived at North One Productions, it struck me how ‘normal’ the  building looked. The office is a small, terraced building that looks more like someone’s house than a busy television company. The inside, however, is quite the opposite. During my tour of the office it hit me how busy and buzzing it was, despite it only being 9:30 in the morning, and there being very few people there.

I was taken down to the facilities department, where I was told I would be working for the first few days. From here, the post production is co-ordinated and the media library is stored. Once the many computers had been warmed up, I was shown my task for the day. This involved creating labels for taped footage in the media library, that had been used in ‘Steven Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets’ and ‘Only In A Sitcom’. I had to remove shelf after shelf of tapes, create their appropriate labels and then place them back in the library. This took the whole day.

When 5 came, I checked nothing else needed doing and then began my commute back to Colchester. I’m in at 9 tomorrow to help move some equipment needed for a shoot in a few weeks so will write again in a few days!