Today Pheobe and I finished our map of he site – which was used in the celeb buggy race between the presenters of T4!! (so my arts and craft skills have made it on tv haha!!) Pheobe (a girl who is doing work exp ) was asked to take the map to the presenter area – and hold it whilst on live tv – she got a chance to meet the presenters! I was a little jealous that I wasn’t asked to do this – but im sure there will be other exciting tasks for me to do on sunday! – Today I did my first bit of buggy riding ! Unfortunately I cant drive one myself as I havent got a drivers licence – but I can still travel in them! I was on the back on the buggy whilst another runner was driving – and we stopped to ask a site guard if we could take a certain route – and he said to me “where are you going – the dressing room??” so I think he thought I was “someone” hahaha! Today I have been mainly helping out with Tea runs, getting food for people etc. I have also seen loadssssss of celebs today! There was some “buggy banter” with Paloma Faith!  - She was in a buggy next to us driving around. I also saw Alexa Chung in the presenters area (she is SOOOOO tiny in real life!) Steve Jones, the  t4 presenter Mat, Jamella jamil (who went into the toilet next to me – claim to fame aaha!) all walking round the presenter area. Today there weren’t any “major tasks” for me to do (despite me asking loads if I could help out ) – as everything was going smoothly. But I was given the golden opportunity to be taken to the trucks – which I thought was reallllly cool. I was shown all the live screens – and how the director chooses to swap between screens if he wants to change the shot. I had to be really quiet in there so I didn’t disturb them working! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow as Will (the editor for blink) said I can come help them film in the arena for some footage of “the campers”. As everything was going well today – i had to chance to watch some bands – I had SUCH A GOOD VIEW! I could stand at the bottom side of the stage – So i was right at the front. It also felt really surreal when Pixie Lott and friends came and stood right by me to watch The Kooks! Its so strange/ cool seeing the bands up close – as apposed to being in the crowd miles away which I usually am! This is such a great experience – i’m having loads of fun and really learning about the industry and have more of a feel about what and who does what in preparation for events such as music festivals. This is really helping me in discovering what I want to do as  job after uni. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day. I’m really going to miss this experience ! Krista.xx