Second and Third Day Update

okay, so the last time I posted I just came back from my first day. Right now, i’m very sleepy from my third day at Blink TV. Today and Tuesday I made signs to go on the golf buggies that are used around the site and some more spread sheet word, such as contacts for the people going to V. I was also asked to ring up the the train company and work out which train tickets are best value for money for the blink TV staff, such as when you can’t travel using the return saver. When I gave all the information to the Blink teamI felt like I contributed to the prep for V. The team also said my time tabel for the bands was good as it was clearly set out. The teams comments are making me feel really comfortable and appreciated. I really feel that I will make some good relationships with the blink tv staff, and I am reallllllyyyy enjoying my time there. Tomorrow is going to be really good as I am going to look for props! I better get to sleep, i’ll update the blog soon