Second Week

The second week began by placing the final few props in the studio and making sure that it looked as good as it could. We bought plants and posters from the neighboring shops and also used the props cupboard at North One to kit out the location. In the afternoon we had a script meeting to review the scripts and create a shoot plan. Part of the episodes are being shot tomorrow and the majority are being shot on Wednesday. It all sounds very exciting- and I’m sure I’m going to gain a lot of experience- so I can’t wait!

Day 2 of the second week was a lot busier than any other day! I spent the morning buying the last few props for the production. Then at about 12:30, I was asked to travel to Argos in victoria to pick up some reserved items. A production team was leaving to shoot a documentary in China at 2pm and needed last minute items from Argos! I then helped to load the car and pack up the equipment so that the team could get to the airport.

After lunch I began helping to create a ‘guy’ for the Starcount shoot. Whilst doing this I received a call from the China production team. They had forgotten some paperwork and therefore I had to travel to Heathrow terminal 3 and hand it over! Tomorrow is the shoot day so I am really looking forward to it.