Sunday - Last Day :( :(

 :(:( IM SO SAD THAT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY – IM HAVING SUCH FUN! Today, I went into the main arena area with Will an editor at Blink. He was filming some footage of the “punters”, it was also a chance for me to give some creative input – as before then I had mainly been helping out with little tasks – table making, labelling tea running etc. . I thought of two cool shots we could use – and Will thought they were really cool. Will also said that he would help me out finding some more work exp – which is really good  :) I also went over to stage two to give them a track list of what Kasabian were playing, which is where I got the chance to watch plan B from the side – which was soooo cool! I also got given a headset – which made me feel important haha! despite not actually being spoken to though it – it was really cool listening to everyone on it – i got a real feel for how its like to work at the festival and backstage – I also got to hear celebrities requests (someone is a big fan of a double wisky…!) The last night was the best night – everyone was really relax and pleased that the weekend went so well – with no big complications. When all the work had been done the blink team and I danced at the side to Faithless – it was raining – but it added to the festival atmosphere. i feel SO lucky to have been given this experience, THANK YOU SO MUCH. After the last band, we got on the coach once again to Writtle. That evening was so much fun -everyone was in the bar and enjoying themselves. The younger blink members who I made friends with said they were really impressed with me – and that it was a shame that I was going. They really appreciated my help. These two weeks have been brilliant, I really feel that I genuinely was a part in helping organise the festival, and not just “someone on the side”. There were times there I was stuck for things to do, but this gave me a chance to take in the atmosphere and watch what others were doing – which may seem dull – but really helped me in deciding my future career. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE TWO WEEKS, i’m so happy and can’t believe I was given this wonderful opportunity! I have more photos, and even videos on my camera which will be uploaded soon!! Krista!!!!!  :):):):)