Tuesday, and I have finally recovered from the lack of sleep over the past two weeks, but what an amazing two weeks they have been.

Saturday morning I got the train to Weston-Super-Mare, and was greeted at site with an access all areas pass (ah!). It was rehearsal day, so after having a nosey round the site, I got down to some preparations for the big day. I was with the production team, and with all the sweeties in our porter cabin we had people back ad fourth all day, including all of the directors, presenters and few celebs with the talent management in with us (Alexandra Burke is sooo nice). I was on my feet all day, delivering updated running orders back and fourth, preparing props, keeping the teams around the site fueled with coffee, getting the presenters, and secretly putting up birthday decorations everywhere and leaving partybags to celebrate T4OTB’s 10th Birthday. All those props I brought during the past two weeks were there up on stage being used, and even spotted all of those lanyards around the crews neck that I had made in my first week.

It was great to see all the team again who had gone off earlier in the week to prepare for the event, and seeing all the preparation that had been done paying off. I got to meet so many new people, and again everyone was so friendly. The director from the talent garden randomly came up to me and said he had seen me on the train and ended up catching the train back with him at the end of the weekend.

Sunday, show day, in for 6:00 am (be prepared for tv times, this was hard after finishing work at 12 the previous night), but there was such a buzz and so much to do there was no time to be tired. I was so pleased that I made the decision to lug my wellies on the train as there was so much rain in the morning and giant puddles everywhere.

I was surprised at how much responsibility I was given, and was left in charge of getting props to the talent garden for the right time, – the pressure was on as they were all live links. Props included the lovely selections of drinks (blended fishpie, roast dinner and curry), a giant ice-cream, buckets of ice and water and sponges etc. I was frequently backstage getting bit and pieces and so got to listen to some of the live music, and allowed in the VIP bar area. At the end of the evening I was in charge of getting the main creative director Hamish Hamilton to his car, and other celebs including June Sarpong (who devoured the two cooked breakfast I got for her in the morning in minutes).

The day was such a huge success. I have enjoyed every second of the past two weeks, and have had an amazing experience and met some great people who I hope to keep in contact with. I cannot thank Jim and Dave enough for organizing this experience for me. Best of luck to all of you who are on placements organized by the Tuskar Trust this summer!