Well the 2 weeks are now unfortunatley all over  – I enjoyed it so much!

On the Thursday I went back to DDf for the second day of my job trial, and they offered me the job of a permanent runner for the team.. there were very long discussions with everyone in my family, such an amazing opportunity! unfortuantley I live roughly a 2 and a half hour journey on the trains and that teamed with 12 hour days, some overnight would be difficult and the hotel prices were very high at such late notice, and so I had to turn it down. I will definitley however, in my university breaks be looking for part-time running jobs that I could do – I’ve loved the hard work and the constant buzz! From just working 3 days in the same deparmtent I settled in so well, and will really be missing the editors there, as i’m sure they will be missing my tea and coffee.

Friday, I was with the live team, it was their busiest day with the show that night, and I was even given my own headset – a goal I had set myself at the start of the two weeks! We prepared for the live show, getting the set(s) ready, giving out scripts etc. In the afternoon the crowd outside has reached a considerbale size, and I actually got to do some filming of them, getting them to wave their banners, scream, and shout to their favourite housemates. Other runner Helen showed me how the camera works etc, and it was so exciting to be the one filming the crowd, not the one in the crowd. I then helped out in the friends and family room, chatted to hosuemate Dave’s Mum for about half an hour – she is SO lovely, and I by the end of the day I’m sure I had developed a slight Welsh accent..  .. Ben’s friend, and Andrew’s parent were all there as well, and I got to chat with all of them. Jedward were the special guests for that night and I proudly can tell my sister that they brushed past me.. and yes! there hair is as tall as it looks on television!

Its been such an amazing experience and I can now soundly say I would love to have a career in television in the future, and will start off by looking for running jobs.. Thankyou for this opportunity!

Becca x