The Run Up to V

I’m in my second week at Blink, and i’m really excited as it’s getting closer and closer to V festival!!! On Tuesday at the office, I learnt all the different tapes and cameras needed to film V. There are ISO’s, line cuts and then the digital or HD. For example, the iso is the camera that runs all the time when the artist is performing. I found this really interesting as when i always watch programmes, or stand in the crowds, I always wonder the difference between the cameras filming, and why there is so many! On Tuesday, Iwas hardly in the Blink Office! I am starting to do things more independantly now, and i’m not always at the side of a blink tv staff member. I had to go and pick up booklets Blink had made for V festival. I then had to also do a post office run sending all the tapes and and DVD’s, which were very heavy! The DVD’s are ones that I had copied myself. I was taught how to use the big DVD writer. As the line up had changed (at last min!) I also had to do a few modifications on my “Clasher chart” that I made.  :)