V Festival has begun!

V festivals here! getting all prepared for the nice weather (hopefully), the drunken crowds and celebs showing off their new unreleased songs and new moves! First day began nice and early getting up a 6.30, and getting the half 8 train. Kristy nearly missed the train stuck in traffic, but ending up trying to get hold of me to tell me she was in the next cart and had made the train JUST!

Blink TV were beginning the major preparations for V Festival before we’d even arrived at the office in LOndon in Soho square! First morning didn’t go as great as id planned, I firstly spirt a caramel latte all the way down my leggings and top before id even got in the office, so i smelt of caramel, nice maybe but not to smell every two seconds! Then we got into the office and the computers and internet refused to work for the work we needed to do!

Lunch came and me and Kristy walked around soho square, and finally decided to treat ourself to a nice Nando’s! Well it was a brilliant idea as we ended up sitting next to the actor Noel Clarke! eating a chicken butterfly and corn on the cob! random and unattractive! We walked back to the office on a hype, and had to listen to all the songs being performed by the artists and the timings! Got an insight of the track list before the official release!!  [:)]

Then came our second day, not to bad having to get into the office for 10, not a major lay in though! As soon as we got in we carried on with the preferred track lists, and begun finding the lyrics to all the songs being performed, lets say there’s a few!! Some artists id never even heard of but now am a fan. Drinking tea all morning, while listening to everyone talking about what artists there seeing or what channels there visiting. Not a bad job to do. Will we see any other famous people at lunch? No we didn’t, but did treat myself to a massive 12″ pizza!  [:D]  . Back to the office, carrying on with the lyrics, to leave and go home on a nice sweaty crammed tube!

Lets see what tomorrow brings and if anyone famous will be around us!!